Emotion-Driven Spending is Good

Our emotions can definitely get us into painful situations. Before we know it, we’ve committed our time and money to a cause or person that doesn’t fit with how we planned to spend our life. It happens more than we’d like to admit.

Marketing geniuses know just the right word, jpeg and sound wave to make us lose focus for a brief moment, long enough to go along with their scheme. They are experts at using our emotions to distract us along our journey.

Emotions are a good thing. They remind us of what really matters, especially when it hurts. Emotions can be our guiding light when making decisions, like when it comes to spending our time and money.

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself”┬áreminds us of the long history of human struggle with emotions. The clearer we are with our motivations and intentions, the less we will be swayed or influenced in the heat of the moment. This is incredibly significant in learning how to take control of spending our time and money.

Take time today to “know thyself” . Write down the top four or five key emotional drivers in your life. These may evolve over time, although usually the emotion or intention behind it rarely does. Think about your list. Test your list by asking yourself how much would you risk to stay committed to it.

Need some examples to kickstart your #emotional-driven spending list?

  • Minimize my carbon footprint in food, travel and housing
  • Support Companies that “Do Well and Do Good”
  • Explore the beautiful world
  • Self-sufficient and innovative “Homesteading
  • Provide for loved ones

Know what inspires you to push through the chaos and stay on track. Keep your eyes on the horizon, no matter how dim the light seems. Trust your emotions and guard them from being used for someone else’s gain. ┬áSpend your time and money on what matters most to you.



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