Living Well in the Present – Part I


“Finding your style is like putting puzzle pieces together.” Lara Spencer

Living well begins with understanding what matters most to you. With every choice, every decision, you craft another puzzle piece that reflects your identity. Over time a framework emerges as pieces are added or replaced.

As you reflect on where you are in the present, focus on the aspects you can truly impact and control. Circumstances are a powerful force, yet not what defines you. Within your present circumstances are opportunities for you to choose a different tomorrow.

Living well flows out of living with intention and confidence in what matters to you. Rather than following fads and checklists, thoughtfully consider your choices. Be patient and remind yourself of your “why” as often as needed.

Whether making financial decisions or any other choices, here are three filters that might help you work through your decision process:

1) Is it the right one for me?

2) Is this the right time for me?

3) Am I doing it for the right reason?

If the answer is “yes” for all three, you’re on the right track.

Stay posted for Part II where I’ll dive deeper into each one of these three questions. Until then #BeWell !

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