Living Well in the Present – Part II


Spring can be a beautiful time for renewal and refocus. Whether it’s disconnecting for a few days during Spring Break or getting outside to enjoy nature emerging from it’s long winter slumber. There is a sense of hope and opportunity.

During this season there seems to be a spike in major life decisions. You begin to hear chatter about looking for new work, new home, moving or going back to school. As some receive year-end bonuses or a much needed tax refund, minds race with ideas and choices.

In my last post, Living Well in the Present – Part I , I shared three questions that you may find helpful in working through important decisions.:

  1. Is it the right one for me? This reflection helps bring our thoughts back to our core values and what matters most in our life. Remember who you are and what you want your life to be about. Will this choice compliment and strengthen your growth? Does it fit with the physical, emotional, spiritual and social factors you want in your life? Will it help you accomplish more of what you want without having to sacrifice what you’ve already achieved?
  2. Is this the right time for me? Timing is a very important part in the decision-making process. Doing things when we are burned out or overwhelmed will not produce the growth or experience we strive for. You may have found the perfect opportunity, but the timing may not be good. Rather than fret about losing an opportunity, be sure to be mindful of how to eliminate the obstacles and prepare for when the time is right. Be in control of stepping into a new opportunity with your best self.
  3. Am I doing it for the right reason? Take a deep breath and exhale. Examine the deep underlying “why” of the decision you are considering. Does this choice seek to fill a void or gap that needs further reflection and care? Rushing into a beautiful new future for the wrong reasons can result in disappointments and added anxiety.

Be confident and move boldly in the direction you want to go, when the choice is clear, the timing is right and the purpose is in line with the life you want.



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