Traveling Cheap for the Young & Broke

It’s been a crazy long winter and you can’t wait to pack your bags for a fun road trip. You start dreaming about all the places you want to see and the fun things you’ll do. Split Rock Lighthouse, MN Then reality sets in. How can you afford an awesome trip? Where do you start with planning? It seems so overwhelming!

Take a deep breath. You got this! I’ve been traveling on my own since my teens and love sharing how to travel while young and broke. So, grab your backpack and let’s get planning!

First things first, let’s talk about time. How much time do you have? Think about your work or school schedule. Write down any breaks or holidays when you could get away without losing hours or messing with your classwork. Take advantage of any long weekends if you can.

Next, think about how long you can take for your trip. Want to start with a quick weekend getaway? Or maybe you have the whole summer to roam. Take a look at your calendar and pencil in when you want to go.

Finally, how much time do you have to plan your trip? The further in advance you can start planning, the better. Making reservations early will definitely save you money and increase your chances to stay where you want to. By giving yourself more time to plan, you can research unique places to stop and special events going on during that time.

Step 1: Block time for your trip – on your calendar and put in your time request at work.

Next up, we’ll start getting into the nuts and bolts of planning an awesome trip. Happy Trails!!


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