Traveling Cheap for the Young & Broke – Step III

One of my favorite ways to afford traveling is to connect with friends and family along the way. An age old tradition of crashing on a friend’s couch, grandparents guest bedroom or a sibling’s flat. As a family we were on the road a lot, so I learned to be comfortable in many different settings.


As you think about how much time you have to travel and how long you have to plan for your trip, be mindful of your own feelings about space and comfort. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. If you’re planning a fun adventure, it’s important to make sure you actually enjoy it.

Make a list of people you know or relatives that might be open to having you stay over for a night or two as you travel through the area. They might be able to show you places that you’d otherwise miss or not be aware of.

Even if you barely know your relatives, there’s never a better time than the present to get to know them better and reconnect. I’ve stayed with relatives and friends all across the country and overseas and love the opportunity to create deeper friendships.

STEP 3: Make a list of the places where you have friends/relatives that might be along your route or worth planning a trip around – even if it’s just catching up for dinner. Add a list about what comfort level you’d prefer to have, and how much you’re willing to stretch out of your comfort in order to afford an awesome adventure.

Looking forward to hearing your questions along the way! Feel free to add comments and share your own ideas. Traveling cheap while your young is amazing! Happy Trails!

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