Traveling Cheap: A Place to Rest – Step VII

As you begin to map out your awesome adventure, think about trying a few different options for overnight accommodations. This can be one are way to save on costs; then you can use that money for a special dinner or tickets to a museum. Remember, it’s a balancing act. You decide what is most important to fulfill the purpose of your trip.

Let’s begin with the most basic options. If you will be driving, identify popular truck stops or rest areas along the route to sleep for a few hours. You’ll have access to restrooms and vending machines, at the least. 20130831_163138 (1).jpg Of course, if you are flying, on a bus or a train through the night, that eliminates the need for accommodations as well.

One of my favorite rest options is pitching a tent at a campground, away from the RV’s and noisy kids. These usually have well maintained restrooms and many have pits for an evening fire. A great way to unwind after a long day on the road. Check out smaller, less known campgrounds, if you prefer more solitude.

Next step up are home sharing options such as couchsurfing and Airbnb . I don’t recommend using any option where there isn’t a third party involved in verifying the place is legit and trustworthy. I’ve enjoyed some amazing locations at a fraction of the cost by using rentals. Even Travelocity is showing rental listings along with hotels on their travel site. So take time to research what’s available and focus on what is most important for your trip.

Remember to keep your ideas and sites organized, so you can easily locate them later.

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