Traveling Cheap: Leaving the Station – Step X

If you have the time there is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than watching the ever changing landscape from a train ride across the countryside. In my late teens, I purchased a pass that allowed me to make multiple stops across the region for one low price. In my thirties I took my children on the train from Chicago to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The scenery was breathtaking.20131115_065807

Things I love about trains:

  • Leg rests, so you can stretch out without feeling too cramped
  • Flexibility to walk through the cars
  • Sit in the Lounge Car with large windows all around you
  • Eat in the Diner and enjoy dinner with other guests
  • You can pack your own favorite snacks

To be fair, riding across parts of the Midwest can be boring. That’s a great time to read a book, watch a movie or take a long nap.

If you are seeking time for reflection and decompressing, train rides are a great venue to consider. You can carry more with you, at a lower cost than on a plane. It can take you close to many beautiful national parks as well, so it can be a good option for hiking and biking.

STEP 10: Catch a train and explore the beautiful countryside.


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