Traveling Cheap for the Young and Broke – Step XII

The amazing thing about buses is that they can take you places that planes and trains don’t go to. Also, since you can sleep instead of driving, you can travel longer distances and save money on overnight accommodations. Take time to explore some affordable destinations.

When you travel by bus it’s important to be thoughtful about making the most of your ride. You’ll want to dress comfortably and take advantage of stops to walk around and freshen up. Bring snacks for the ride and stay hydrated. Enjoy catching up on your favorite podcasts, Netflix series or novel. 0925090933-00 (1)

Be prepared for delays and plan connections with some flexibility. Unfortunately flat tires, road construction and other mishaps can slow things down. Being mindful of that possibility can reduce stress and anxiety if it happens.

Enjoy the landscape. Take pictures. Get ideas for more awesome adventures to take in the future.

As I shared in Step 2 of Traveling Cheap it’s really important to organize your ideas and plans to get the most out of your travels. It will help you save time and money, as well as discover interesting places along the way.

Happy planning! I would love to hear your insights and feedback as well.


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