Traveling Cheap with Friends – Step XV

Let’s be honest. We love our friends and really enjoy hanging out with them, but traveling together can really test things. Not surprising of course, since each person hasĀ  their own purpose for taking a trip and some of those purposes just aren’t going to align.

To make sure your friendship doesn’t get derailed by a stressful trip, take time to clarify what is important for each person. Be respectful to each individual’s financial and emotional capacity. Find ways to give everyone space to take full advantage of the trip, at their own pace.

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One of the things I love to do when I travel is to wake up super early and go for a run. The quiet of the morning, watching a community wake up and see the sun rise, are top on my list. At the same time, most of my family and friends highly value sleeping in as long as they can. They really treasure having space to decompress and rest. We get more out of our trip when we plan around our personal preferences.

Take the time to plan ahead and clarify what is most important for each person traveling with you. Find ways to coordinate fun things to do together and appreciate each person’s space for their own interests. Know your own financial and emotional capacity. Find your financial zen.



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