Breaking Down Silos and Clearing the Financial Fog

Today in the United States we are observing a day of Memorial. We honor those individuals who died while serving in the armed forces. It’s a good time to reflect and contemplate our own personal intentions and life goals. What is most important for you to accomplish in this brief lifetime we are given?

My personal mission is to break down financial silos and remove barriers that keep people from living the life they want and are willing to work towards. Figuring out personal finances is incredibly time consuming and complex. Your financial data is in silos across multiple financial institutions, making it confusing to get an accurate snapshot of what you actually have.

We are building My Financial Zen to co-create your financial future with you, based on your unique aspirations and circumstances. We learn about your current financial profile by capturing your day to day activity and asking you how those decisions relate to your bigger goals. Over time we can identify habits and routines that don’t align with your priorities. It’s about creating awareness in the moment, clarifying the impact of your financial choices.

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In the same way that fitness and nutrition apps take the complexity out of health management, My Financial Zen strives to eliminate the stress and guilt associated with financial management. By providing in the moment insights to your personal choices, you can begin to reduce committing your time and money to things that don’t contribute to the life you want. It’s your story to write.

Our mobile app is under construction. We’ll keep you posted on updates as we get closer to launch. You can learn more about myself, Diana L T Morris founder of Ladybug Collaborative, in a recent featured blog from The Startup Ladies.

We are always seeking input from our followers and friends. What tools do you use to manage your personal finances? What frustrates you the most? What is missing? We’d love to hear from you to build a better experience and improve your financial zen.


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