Making Your Way and Claiming Your Space

As May winds down, you may be looking ahead to a summertime full of anxiety and unknowns. There may be significant changes for you, transitioning to a new job or moving to a new space. Even if this isn’t your first time, it can feel overwhelming.

Before you get swept up in the busyness of checklists and packing, take advantage of this time to do a little self evaluation. Periods of life changes are perfect opportunities to redirect your path as you identify what matters most to you. So grab a journal or open your laptop and jot down your thoughts. 20131113_141308.jpg

Begin with the why. Understand what is driving this specific change at this time. List the things you want to accomplish through this change. Picture what it will look like when you achieve what you are striving for.

In order for you to stay on track, block time on your calendar to do a checkup on your progress. It can be monthly or every other month. Over time you will begin to realize the impact that your small choices every day have on your bigger goals. The clearer you can be beforehand about what you need to feel safe and comfortable, will greatly reduce any anxiety or stress in new situations.

Once you begin to formulate a vision of this next step in your life, you can become better at making financial decisions that align with that vision. It impacts things like furnishings, clothing, transportation and self care. You can accomplish what you want, within your means, when you have a clear idea of your why.

Live the life you choose to create, not a life that others dictate. Find your financial zen.



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