Track – Measure – Adjust – Repeat

Your journey towards financial wellness is very much in line with your journey towards physical and emotional wellness. It begins with taking stock of your current status, identifying what isn’t working and creating a plan to get you closer to the life you want. In order to make an improvement, you need to choose a direction and be intentional about tracking your activities on a regular basis.

To begin, decide what your primary focus will be in moving you forward. Make it realistic, easy to track and measureable. Set specific activities and time frames. For example, I will transfer $50 to a separate account every pay period for the next three months.

Next, associate a purpose or meaning to that activity. We are emotional at our very core and we consistently do better when we have a strong vision of why we are doing something. For example, create a vision board or pictures on your mirror that represents the awesome thing you will be able to do after 3 months of saving. This will encourage you to stay the course.

Finally, celebrate your choices along the way. As you build positive feelings around setting a goal, getting close and reaching it, this sense of accomplishment will flow into your next goal and then your next. Success breeds more success. It makes it easier to survive those valleys and overcome obstacles that will try to interfere with your goals.

What is one goal you can set today and start working towards achieving? What is your purpose? I’d love to hear your goals and celebrate your successes along your financial wellness journey.

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