Your Finances Do Not Define Your Worth

This week has brought us a sober reminder of how life can become too much at times. It takes incredible energy and drive to pursue the life we want and yet it can be bitter, hard and painful. The short attention-grabber headlines we hear throughout the day can add even more to the guilt and shame we may be experiencing.

20180331_131159Your finances do not define your worth. You are an amazing collection of skills, knowledge, experiences and ideas. The millions of contributions you make every day without even thinking are more valuable than money in the bank. Your curiosity and creativity impact others for good.

Money is one of many tools at our disposal to accomplish the things we want to with our time. Think of the many beautiful and useful things you create without going to the store to purchase or order online. You are an amazing maker. Don’t let the pursuit of money or wealth consume your life; that would truly be wasteful.

Take time to dust off your tools and see what you can bring to life this week. Let your heart feel the joy of pride and pleasure in making things. Let your mind race with ideas. May you find a new perspective on crafting your financial zen.


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