Finding Your Financial Zen in the Gig Economy

The days of following one well defined professional path is quickly becoming legend. Unfortunately there is not a checklist of certifications, internships and companies to guide you to a successful fulfilled life at the end of the rainbow. There are certainly a wealth of opportunities for you to continuously improve your skills and gain expertise throughout your lifetime; how you choose to weave them together is up to you.

In this post I want to share another very important area to consider in building a solid foundation for your financial wellness. Versatility and adaptability. As you are building expertise in your chosen field, continue to invest some time in keeping your other skills and interests alive.


From an early age we realize that our interests are diverse. Although our primary focus tends to be directed towards gaining the knowledge and expertise we need for a specific occupation, those other interests are important. They may provide an outlet of creativity and sense of satisfaction that is missing in our primary job.

Hobbies and side gigs can fill in the income gaps during a job loss or provide a bump in cash flow to save up for a specific goal. They can provide opportunities to connect with diverse groups of people, network and open doors to transition into a totally different field. Keeping your skills and connections up to do date may be the solution that pays the bills during difficult times. It could even be the means to find your next big thing.

ACTION STEPS: Brainstorm ideas of interests, hobbies and skills you want to explore. Find local and online groups that are doing what you want to pursue. Begin to follow, attend and take notes about best practices that connect to your vision. Take the first step. Create. Contribute. Connect. Stay in it and grow.


Note: Images courtesy of pixabay: geralt and PDPics


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