A Roof, A Door and A Window

Although I love the freedom of roaming and exploring new places, there’s something about having a safe place to go when it’s time to disconnect and rest. Having access to a safe shelter matters. The value of having a door to close out the noise and take refuge at the end of a long day is so important to our overall financial wellness.

One of the leading causes of financial stress and anxiety is having long term access to stable housing. In a 2017 report by Zillow, they found  “nearly a third (30 percent) of households nationwide, representing roughly 73 million adults, report they’re struggling or just getting by financially.” The report goes on to state that Americans spend an average of 29% of their take home income on rent alone.

I believe there’s more than just the cost of housing that impacts a feeling of safety and stability. In order to fully rest and re-energize, it’s important to seek out those things that matter most to us. Here are a few thoughts for your to consider:

  • Do you prefer solitude or community?
  • Do you thrive on the energy of a busy city or do the sounds add to your restlessness and increase anxiety?
  • Do the sounds of neighbors, dogs, kids or loud music provide a sense of comfort or annoyance?
  • Do you like being within walking distance to shops, stores, public transit and parks, or would you rather drive to get where you need to be?
  • Could you easily find a new roommate or cover rent on your own without creating a significant financial hardship?
  • What does “coming home” look like for you? What does it sound like and feel like?
  • Do you have space to be creative or work from home?

So many times we consider price first and foremost without considering the ebbs and flow of our lives, including how we want to spend the time we have away from work.

Over the next few days, think about steps you can take to bring some of the things that matter to you into your living space. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding soft lighting, living plants, scented candles or a big comfortable beanbag chair. Take time to find your happy.

Photos courtesy of Pixabay: Free-Photos


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