Fueling Your Mind & Body

Financial wellness comes from a holistic approach to aligning your financial choices with those things that matter most to you. Smart financial choices come from having a clear mindset, focus and intention. It has little to do with the way you were raised or the size of your bank account. Once you own the decisions you make everyday and understand how each one impacts your financial wellness, you will begin to experience change.

Hunger and poor nutrition can make it extremely difficult to concentrate and process new information. There’s a difference between filling your stomach and fueling your dreams. One will satisfy you for a few hours, the other will generate long lasting energy.┬áRegardless of your circumstances, you can make better choices about fueling your mind and body to improve your energy level and mood.

  • Slow down and enjoy the textures, flavors of each bite
  • Try new sources of protein and calcium
  • Enjoy small snacks to power through the day
  • Plan ahead – mix up your own dried fruits and nuts – reduce waste on packaging
  • Drink more water and milk/ milk alternatives
  • Instead of salad dressing, try plain yogurt or cottage cheese
  • Take a few deep breaths to help you slow down, increase your oxygen flow

Invest time finding good food sources near you. Some stores might have better produce, while others may offer a greater selection of grains and nuts. If you’d like to reduce packaging, look for stores that have the bulk kiosks where you can purchase by weight.

Next time you’re thinking about reaching for a bag of chips or crackers, think about fueling your mind and body. Focus on building energy and health, so you can accomplish the things that matter most to you.


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