Human Connection and Financial Wellness

Life is a balance between gaining independence and becoming interdependent. It is vitally important for each person to continuously grow stronger in their skills and expertise, while contributing their unique gifts towards a stronger and healthier community. Each persons ability to grow is limited by the commitments and strength of those around them. In order for each of us to thrive, it is important that our neighbors, who provide the services and products we need, to thrive as well.

Think about your daily routine and how interdependent we truly are on one another. The electricity we use depends on a wide range of people to do their best work everyday. The clean water for our showers and cooking doesn’t just magically come out of the faucet. Although some people recycle and compost, we still need our weekly trash pickup. Think of all the contributions that your neighbors and networks are making each day to allow you the opportunity to pursue what you you want.

The value of human connection is priceless. A smile from a stranger or a hug from a friend can immediately improve our mood. The pleasure of human touch, unique and different from touching a dog or cat, improves our emotional wellbeing.

Financial wellness depends on the strength and health of our human connections. I need for you to have access to the tools and resources you need to thrive, in order for me to thrive. Your wellbeing impacts my wellbeing.

A good way to gauge the health of your connections is to think about your friendships and social networks. Map out the diversity of talents, skills, hobbies, interests and experiences they have. Identify the gaps in your connections. Think of a situation where you were seeking advice or insights on a challenge – who could you connect with to find a solution?

You’ve probably heard of the saying “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”. The same rings true with your human connections. Diversity of skills, perspectives, experiences and interests are key to healthier friendships and communities. Who do you need in your life? Who can help you make the connection?


Photo courtesy of Pixabay: Geralt



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