Feeling Good About Yourself

It’s Time for a Change

I’m on a mission to change the language we use to discuss personal financial management. For decades, financial talking heads have used guilt, shame and blame to generate fear and dependency from followers. The methodologies have been focused around a one-size fits all solution. Enough of that – it’s important to feel good about yourself!

The journey towards financial wellness is deeply personal and unique, just like physical and mental wellness. There are important guidelines to understand while navigating through financial decisions. Each decision provides an opportunity to clarify what matters most and to develop a personal plan that fits the circumstances. There are no straight lines or cookie cutter solutions.

Find your Joy and Happiness

Financial wellness truly begins with a healthy perspective on the role finances has in the big scheme of things, how to use it wisely and how to avoid excesses. The root cause of many financial woes has more to do with emotional and mental stress, rather than income levels. Anxiety and stress overwhelm the senses, reducing our ability to make smart intentional choices. It’s time to find your joy and happiness!

This weekend, take a deep breath and begin to focus on two simple, free ways to reduce the levels of anxiety and stress that are robbing you hand over fist.

Time to Take Action

Get Physical – your body needs movement. Stretch your arms high, then open them wide. Feel each muscle expand and contract. Turn up the music and dance, even if you have to wear ear buds. March in place, start with what you are able to do in the moment. If you can get outside, breathe in the fresh air, acknowledge the world around you. Get your blood flowing to clear your mind and welcome new ideas and solutions. Try to move at least 30 minutes each day.

Be Generous – giving your time and energy to others is a great way to boost your wellbeing. So many times financial woes can make us feel isolated and worthless. Spending time contributing your skills and kindness to others will quickly change that perspective. An extra pair of hands can lighten another person’s burden, build a stronger community and reduce stress for everyone involved.

You are incredibly valuable as you are today. Move and give as you can with what you are able. Small steps. No excesses or radical changes.

I would love to hear what you try! Feel free to post and share.


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