Appreciative Consumption – Thoughts for Labor Day Weekend

I love my mother’s hands. Her hands tell the story of a life lived in genuine appreciation of others and the natural world around her. Her hands represent an earnest attempt towards restoration, healing and comfort.

Seeking Financial Wellness has more to do with the intent and motives behind our financial choices and less to do with how much we have in our coffers. As you celebrate Labor Day Weekend (USA) consider how your daily financial choices tell the story of your own intentions and motivations. Realign your choices as needed.

  • Practice a brief exercise of reflecting on all of the people involved in bringing a specific product or service to you.
  • Take it a step further and dig deeper into the origin and source of raw materials.
  • Carve out space for yourself to make, build, grow and experiment with what you have at your disposal.
  • Find ways to value, support and promote the laborers that produce, build, and create the products and services you consume.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments, achievements and impact of laborers in your community and around the globe.

My wish for you this weekend is appreciative reflection. Block out some time for yourself to slow down. Clean out the clutter – physical and emotional. Clarify what you want to accomplish and what matters most to you right now. Simplify what you can and make room to go full speed ahead in the direction of your dreams.


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