30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First

You’ve heard the advice before, “Pay yourself first.” Today I want to challenge you to take a different approach to investing in yourself before anything else.

For the next 30 days invest at least 5% of your TIME in yourself. This works out to roughly 5 hours per week. Get out your calendar, journal, app and block off “Me Time” for the next 30 days.

Block off whatever time increments work best for you – 30 minutes, 1 hour or all at once – at least 5 hours each week for the next 30 days. Clearly mark this time as unavailable for any other responsibilities or obligations.

Use this time to reflect on your wellness, where you are falling short and your heart felt aspirations. Begin adding activities that will move you closer to becoming your best self. Read, research, meditate, plan, meet a coach or mentor, take a class or a bubble bath. This is your time to refresh, refocus and get clarity on your choices, behaviors, activities and relationships.

Take the 30 Day Challenge with me! Get away from the mindless routine of the daily grind. Invest at least 5% of your TIME in yourself!


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