Visualize the Future You Want – Day #2

What impact would 364 hours have on your life?

Over the next 30 days you will learn how to invest in yourself first by blocking off at least 5% of your time each week for your own growth. This works out to about 7 hours each week and adds up to 364 hours each year! Imagine the changes you will experience by investing specific blocks of TIME in yourself to reflect, re-focus and realign your goals on a consistent basis.

Day #1 of the 30 Day Challenge focused on letting your thoughts flow and identifying what matters most to you. A journal is a great tool that can help you quickly capture thoughts and ideas as you reflect. It can also be a great resource to track your progress and growth over time.

Today, let’s build on your notes from yesterday. Think about your personal goals, activities and dreams. What kinds of people, places and experiences do you want in your life? Try to be as specific as possible. Visualize what a perfect day would look like. Capture words or phrases that come to mind.

As you jot down your thoughts, look for themes or patterns that emerge. See if you can identify any recurring themes. Another option is to organize your goals by what you want to accomplish, improve or eliminate. Stepping into new roles usually means letting go of other roles. They were important getting you to where you are now, but no longer serve a purpose going forward.

Here is an example of some of the roles and goals that are important to me:


Now it’s your turn. Group goals and priorities that complement each other. Next, develop a game plan for each grouping. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Priority – from most urgent/critical to the least
  • Time – frequency, duration, planning, implementing
  • Barriers – physical, emotional, environmental
  • Return on Investment (Purpose) – Health, Relationships, Finances

As you work through this exercise, add any metrics that will help you track your progress along the way.  Having clear metrics makes it easier to identify what changes are needed, how to make meaningful changes, and what success will look like.

Over the next few days we’ll dig deeper on putting a plan of action together and helping you get started on building a life you love. Cheers!


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