30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #7

You made it to Day #7 of the 30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First! Over the past week the focus has been to block out at least 5% of your TIME to yourself. That works out to about 5 hours per week. How did it go?

By this point you should have at least a rough list of the most important goals you want to accomplish over the next few months or years. We discussed how to evaluate your list in terms of PRIORITY, TIME, BARRIERS and PURPOSE.

Now might be a good time to create an outline for reference as you begin to work towards each one over time. One method I use is a simple spreadsheet with six columns across and five or six rows down, depending on the number of goals you have. The headings for each row are as follows:

  • Goals/Values that define What You Want
  • Specific measurable results to establish exactly What You Want to Do (do x, by z)
  • Define the measurements, benchmarks you will use to track progress
  • A specific “Action” will you take in the next 48 hours to get started
  • Who will be your mentor, ally, partner to support you to accomplish your goal
  • Define starting line and finish line

Map out what you want, how you will define success, how you will measure progress and who will help you get there. Share your dreams and goals with at least one trusted person. Once you speak our goals, we give them life.



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