30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #8

Over this next week be sure to block out at least 5% of your TIME in yourself. That works out to about 5 hours each week. Protect your time blocks from distractions or interruptions as you continue on your journey towards financial wellness. As you continue to block TIME to reflect, refocus and realign the results will become evident.

Think about each time you take a snapshot with your phone or camera. It’s such a natural action that flows out of a desire to capture something of beauty or value. As you invest the TIME to define the focus of your life, habits will become more natural and intentional. You will begin to develop an interest in tracking progress towards goals and may even challenge yourself to find more ways to achieve them sooner.

Use the TIME you have for yourself to develop a clearer picture of where you are headed and how you will get there. Just like a photographer, it may take time to learn the right techniques and gather the right equipment and resources. Be open to asking for help and building a network of trusted advisors that can help you along the way. Find people that believe in your pursuit to become the best version of yourself.

Give yourself the space and TIME you need. It’s not a race or competition against anyone else.  Run your own race in your own style at your own pace. Keep your eyes focused on what matters most to you.



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