30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #10

Welcome back again to the 30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First! Over the past ten days we have focused on blocking off at least 5% of our TIME for ourselves. The TIME blocks don’t need to be structured. As you continue to reflect, refocus and realign your daily actions with your true intentions, you will anticipate the best use of each TIME block.

There is so much value in investing TIME to assess how you are spending your days, your energy, your emotions and your resources. As you review the activities and commitments you are engaged in, ask yourself how each one makes you feel. Maybe even jot down the ones that come to mind. Place an emoticon next to each representing your feelings.

During reflection it may become clear that some activities or commitments no longer serve your goals and priorities. The motives may no longer be there. It is really critical to evaluate the purpose of commitments on a regular basis.

  • Consider the cause, the original purpose for making each commitment
  • Identify the outcomes and results of your commitment
  • Compare your original intentions with the actual experience
  • Calculate the financial cost benefit of your commitment – the time and finances invested compared with the value it created (is creating)

Your TIME and financial resources are limited. How you choose to invest them is entirely up to you. Treat them as the cherished gifts that they are. They should reflect your values, your priorities and your purpose.




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