30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #11

Over the past few days you have been challenged with the goal to invest TIME in yourself first and foremost. A good place to start is with 5% of your TIME each week, which works out to about 5 hours. As each new week unfolds, block out segments of TIME for yourself to reflect, refocus and realign your commitments to your priorities.

Two words that are used frequently in goal setting, especially around financial wellness, are CREDIT and BELIEF. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the origin of the word CREDIT is from the Latin word “credere” – which means believe, trust. The word CREDIT can be used as a noun (a thing) or a verb (action).

As you continue to reflect on your goals, priorities and commitments, consider what your position is around CREDIT. Begin with the CREDIT you have or give to yourself.


  • Belief, Faith, Credence
  • Influence, Authority, Prestige, Weight


  • Ascribe, Attribute, Assign, Impute


What do you believe about yourself? What do you CREDIT yourself with?


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