30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #12

Over time I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet of the early mornings or late nights when not much is stirring. These moments can provide a break from the noise and hectic chaos of the day. As much of the neighborhood is covered in darkness, it can be a great time to exhale – letting go of any tension or tightness.

Working through the process of investing TIME in yourself first may cause you to stay up a little later or wake up a little earlier. Whatever block you have, find ways to make it special. That can be something as simple as having a particular journal with a favorite pen set aside just for your TIME for yourself. It can mean enjoying a favorite blend of tea or coffee in your favorite mug. By using smells, sights, sounds and flavors, indulge yourself to help clear your mind.

Today as you are investing TIME in yourself, consider the idea of posture. Our bodies emulate our thoughts and feelings. As you settle into a comfortable spot to reflect, pay special attention to the physical. There can be tension or discomfort. Think about the muscles, blood flow and oxygen necessary to support your goals and priorities. Is there anything that stands out that is causing you challenges?

I’ve been thinking about this idea of being open to embrace life as it unfolds rather than being closed and resistant. It is an approach of accepting our limited scope of control and not engaging in zero sum thinking. Being open can feel vulnerable and yet provides opportunities for deep personal growth.

Unfortunately many of the widely accepted theories around personal finance can be closed and resistant. The rules can be rigid, judgmental and incredibly bias. Think about some of the beliefs you have learned about financial security and stability. What exactly makes life rich and rewarding? What do you want more of? What do you want less of?

As you go about the next few days, think about this idea of being open and embracing life.


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