30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #13

With each new day we are provided the opportunity to choose how we show up. We can let our thoughts and attitude be clouded by our surroundings and the circumstances out of our control.  We can also guide our thoughts to focus on those things we can control.

At this stage of the 30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First  you may begin to lose interest or motivation to keep going. It’s easier to stay where you are with your routines and habits regardless of how unhealthy or unproductive they may be. Being intentional is a discipline learned over time with practice. Investing at least 5% of your time in yourself takes time to put into practice.

As you continue to block out time for yourself throughout the week consider how you feel while you are scheduling the time blocks and when you are using your time blocks. It is common to have feelings of being selfish by putting yourself first or even wasteful. Remind yourself that the time you invest in your own wellbeing will have a positive impact on everything else you do.

Focus your thoughts on being gentle with yourself. In a way when you do this you are acknowledging that you are worthy of the time invested. The word “gentle” originated with belonging to a clan, a tribe. Over time it represented the idea of nobility, courage and goodness. By practicing kindness with yourself you will begin to increase your ability to express gentleness and kindness towards others.

Being patient and kind towards yourself has a direct correlation with financial wellness. So much of the struggle and strife around finances comes from negative self talk and fear. The internal conversations we have with ourselves must be understood and addressed before meaningful change can begin. Have courage and keep blocking out time for yourself. You are definitely worth it!


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