30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #16

One of the most important rules in investing is diversification. Rather than invest all of your savings into one type of account or investment vehicle, it’s much wiser to invest smaller amounts across a range of investment types. Each investment vehicle responds to economic changes differently and this helps reduce the risk of significant losses when one industry or region is struggling.

As a financial coach I’ve used the analogy of planting a garden to help illustrate the wisdom in diversifying investments. If a pest attacks your corn crop, you want to make sure you have other crops that are resistant to that pest. If the summer ends up being unseasonably warm or wet, each vegetable will respond differently. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

The very same concept is true in investing TIME in yourself first. Our financial wellness depends on a well-balanced life that reflects our personal values and priorities. Consider carefully how you are using the time blocks you have set aside for your own growth and development. Be aware of investing too much TIME on one specific area, which will eventually create other issues.

Think of your wellbeing from a holistic perspective. Invest some time in each area that makes up your unique being – Intellect, Nutrition, Movement, Strength, Relationships, Creativity, Care and Spirit. Focusing intensely on one area for long periods of time, will starve the other areas in your life. Over time this will cause anxiety, frustration and poor health.

Take time to think about what your bountiful life will look like when you invest TIME in yourself, allowing each area to grow and flourish. As you begin to plan for the weeks and months ahead, find ways to block TIME to invest in yourself first and diversify how you invest your TIME.

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