30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #18

When we began our journey a few weeks ago you were encouraged to begin Day #1 of the Challenge by listening to your thoughts and jotting down any ideas that came to mind. This two-step activity is one that you can do whenever you find yourself with a short window of time, like when you are waiting for an appointment or a train. Rather than mindlessly scroll through a social media feed, invest that TIME in yourself by being intentional and focused.

You might find it helpful to carry a small journal or notebook with you. If you prefer using digital tools, make sure your app is front and central on the main page of your screen. This will allow you to jump right back in to your journey at a moment’s notice and focus on your next steps. Continuously break down your goals into micro-steps to make it more manageable and easier to achieve. Keep asking yourself “what’s next”.

Investing TIME in yourself first does not always need to be a large block of TIME. Depending on where you are in your journey, some goals can be achieved in smaller TIME increments. For reflection and planning activities it does make sense to block off longer TIME segments to reduce disruptions.

Imagine how much stronger and more confident you will become as you continue to invest TIME in yourself first. Continue to build the healthy habit of being intentional and focused on improving your financial wellness.


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