30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #20

You are almost there! For twenty days you have focused on learning the important habit of investing TIME in yourself first, before committing to anyone or anything else. The 30 Day Challenge is to invest at least 5% of your TIME in yourself. This works out to about 5 hours each week. As we’ve discussed, your TIME blocks can be in different increments and focused on different areas of personal growth.

Over the next few days I want to invite you to take a deeper look into what specifically is holding you back from living a life that truly reflects your personal values and priorities. Most of the time the lenses we are given in our youth are tinted and smudged with distorted assumptions and unrealistic expectations. This can cause so much stress and confusion as we make our own way in the world. What I have found to be true is that it is our own responsibility to examine these views closely, identify what pieces to dovetail with our own and what beliefs to let go of.

As I have developed my craft of providing financial wellness coaching, it has become painfully obvious the negative language that is typically associated with personal financial management. The legacy of many popular financial programs tend to focus on strict rules, formulas and restrictions with the promise of a future nirvana filled with cruises, mansions and entitlements. The images and messaging aimed at hard working people tends to create feelings of fear, guilt, shame and anxiety.

In order to continue moving forward in your journey towards investing TIME in yourself first, we’ll pause in order to take an inventory of the baggage you are carrying. We’ll reflect on your beliefs about your ability and worth. Next, we’ll refocus your perspective on what you know to be true about yourself. Then we will share some options to help realign your goals with your beliefs.

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