30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #22

Today let’s think about another heavy load you might be carrying. Consider the impact that “guilt” or feelings of guilt have made on your financial decisions this year.  As you continue on your journey of the 30 Day Challenge investing more TIME in yourself, identify any feelings of guilt you might be struggling with.

First, reflect on when those feelings or thoughts tend to emerge. Often times feelings of guilt are caused by assumptions or expectations that others project on us. Even though these offenses may be imagined, they can definitely create a real sense of inadequacy.  You may feel like you should do more, be more.

Refocus your TIME and attention towards the goals you want to accomplish. Acknowledge the areas in your financial journey where you need to learn more, research alternatives or ask for assistance. The more that you are able to normalize your feelings, you’ll find confidence to take steps in a new direction.

Remind yourself of the things you have accomplished, the obstacles you have already overcome.  Although your emotions are very real, your actions toward pursuing the life you want are even more powerful. Every step you take will move you closer to living a life that reflects your values and priorities. 

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