30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #23

Investing TIME in yourself first is a habit that takes a lot of practice. It will be uncomfortable at best and unproductive at worst. Don’t give up. As you continue to invest at least 5% of your TIME each week in your own growth, development, rest and reflection, you will reap the benefits.

As you continue to become aware of the obstacles that are keeping you from investing TIME in yourself, look for ways to identify the source or cause of those obstacles. It’s amazing how some experiences can significantly impact your behavior without you realizing it. Look for the cause and reason for the obstacles in your way.  

If you find that you are feeling shame or embarrassment about some of the financial decisions you’ve made, please be patient with yourself as you work through it. Seek to understand the steps that led you to that decision. Sometimes it can be poor advice or deceitful advertising. Other times it could be a result of being in a hurry and not taking time to research as much as we could have. Regardless of the situation, find ways to put it into perspective and use it to grow.

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