30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #24

Isn’t it interesting that two of the most scarce resources – TIME and MONEY – tend to be what people struggle with? From an early age, schedules and spending are planned out based on aspirations or long term goals that rarely involve the recipient’s input. Rather than helping to develop an awareness about managing these resources, negative feelings can be passed on instead.

Regardless of how your childhood or youth activities filled your days, as an adult you do get to decide how to invest both your TIME and your MONEY. It’s a learning process that evolves as you prioritize what matters most to you. As you continue building the habit of investing TIME in yourself first, your values and priorities will become clearer.

In the past few posts we’ve been  looking at some of the obstacles and baggage that may have impacted your financial decisions: fear, guilt and shame. Another common obstacle when it comes to financial wellness is anxiety. It can seem so overwhelming to understand how financial systems work, how to properly manage what you have and make reasonable assumptions about future income or personal interests. Anxiety is caused by uncertainty, the unknown. 

This week as you continue to invest TIME in yourself, consider different ways that anxiety manifests itself in your own situation. Reflect on the circumstances when it becomes more evident. Re-imagine some specific ways to move forward during those times –  with research, information or a change of scenery. Be mindful of what you are truly concerned about.

Seek out opportunities to reduce the obstacles in your path or find ways around them. Be respectful of your TIME and your MONEY. They should reflect the life you want to live – your goals and your values.


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