30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself – Day #25

What would you say is your best ability? There is definitely some skill, talent or expertise that you have crafted over time or currently working on. You have a valuable contribution that others need in order to accomplish what they want. What is your art?

During your next TIME block think about the area in your life where you feel confident in your ability. Capture in a few short sentences your strongest skill and how you measure it. Next, identify the specific impact it has had on your life. For example it may have allowed you to participate in projects, take a leadership role or build a brand.

As you reflect on your own personal growth and development, consider what the next step or level in that ability would look like. Rather than allow yourself to become too comfortable in your status quo, be open to reaching new heights in your skill-set. 

In order to fully live a life that reflects your own personal values and priorities, be mindful of the tendency to get comfortable and complacent. Stay engaged with industry peers and  be aware of changes that might create obstacles going forward. Continue to invest TIME in growing and developing your skills as new technology and research emerges.

Image – courtesy of Pixabay contributor violetta


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