30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #26

Welcome to Day #26 of the challenge! By now you have been investing more TIME in yourself and are starting to see the incredible value in developing this habit. As long as you are investing at least 5% of your TIME in yourself, or 5 hours per week, you will be able to continue making progress on the priorities you are working towards.

In the previous post, Day #25, you were asked to consider your most valuable skill or strength. Rather than allowing yourself to become too comfortable with your current level of ability, you were encouraged to reach farther. 

As you evaluate and analyze your skills, reflect on what similar fields might be worth exploring to diversify and expand your scope of expertise. There might be specific projects or responsibilities you would like to take on. Think about the lowest entry point you could start with that would give you the biggest value. It might require doing some research or taking an online course.

Adding skills from different fields not only helps you create another possible source of income, it can also make you stand out among peers for promotions or job retention. It can be a hedge of protection during economic turbulence. Think about what skills may be a great addition to your resume. What’s one thing you can do to get started? 

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