30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #27

One of the most important habits to develop as you continue to invest TIME in yourself is self-evaluation. By consistently reflecting on the specific activities you perform, their purpose and impact on your journey, you will be able to live a life that reflects your values. The key to self-evaluation is having a good tracking tool to measure your progress along the way.

In the previous two posts, we looked at challenging our comfort level by improving or sharpening our most valuable skill and seeking out new skills to add to our knowledge base. This specific type of self-evaluation can help prevent you from hitting a plateau in your field. There are always developments across each industry. Take TIME to invest in following current news and trends.

A third important part of self-evaluation is knowing what activities or commitments need to end. Every class, report, event or volunteer activity needs to have an end date. For optimum value, take TIME to reflect on your commitments or ones you are considering to take on. Be very clear about your motivation and expectation for each activity. Identify when you started and how it fits in to your life values.

Imagine the peace of mind in setting deadlines to your commitments. This provides freedom to participate in new opportunities in the future and build upon valuable experiences. Only you get to choose how to invest the TIME that you have. Commit fully to those activities that contribute to a life you love. Give yourself a start date and end date for each activity.

As each commitment or activity comes to an end, assess the impact it has had on your life as well as lessons learned. Consider what you might do differently next time. Express gratitude to anyone that has helped you grow, by sharing specific insights to encourage them on their personal journey. Even difficult experiences provide us lessons and insights for self-evaluation.

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