30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #28

Building a habit of investing TIME in yourself first can be challenging. If you have been able to block off at least 5 hours each week for yourself, then you are close to reaching 20 hours so far! This consistent focus on reflection and realignment will keep you on track to achieve your goals while being true to your values.

The purpose for this challenge is to draw attention and awareness to how you are currently investing your TIME and MONEY. These two limited resources together are at the core of financial wellness. There is a clear relationship between the decisions you make throughout the day and your ability to handle financial hardships.

As you follow the money – where your cash flow goes – you will be able to uncover some routines and patterns over time. Pay attention to when, where and other circumstances surrounding your financial choices. Reflect on how you feel emotionally and physically when you are making those choices. Then, go back to the exercise on Day #2 and compare/contrast your financial choices with what you want to accomplish.

There will always be a disconnect between what you are doing and what you really want to be doing. The purpose of working through this challenge is to create an awareness and begin to reduce the disconnect. Financial wellness comes from exercising self-awareness and self-evaluation over time.

Image from pixabay – Bru-nO


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