30 Day Challenge to Invest in Yourself First – Day #29

Over the past few weeks you were challenged to block off TIME to invest in your own personal growth and development. Through the process of reflection, adjustment and refocus, your financial decisions are becoming more aligned with what matters most to you. Rather than being swayed by emotions and external influences, you continue to gain confidence in living a life that reflects your values.

By reflecting on the many aspects that impact your financial decisions you will better understand the connection between your investment of TIME and MONEY. Quite often actions reflect priorities, not necessarily intentions. When feeling rushed or overwhelmed, the tendency is to focus on finishing the task as quickly as possible. The original intent and purpose for the activity gets lost.

As you go back through your notes from the 30 Day Challenge, reflect on what caused you to make daily financial decisions. Follow the trail from the moment of decision back to the real reason for making each decision. Keep asking why. Identify the source of the decisions that did not align with what you say you really want. Awareness is the beginning of making sustainable change and tracking is the means to achieve it.

There are so many obstacles that will block your path along the way. Obstacles that can either hold you back from living out your goals and values, or can refine and sharpen your commitment to stay the course. By continuing the practice of investing TIME in yourself – at least 5% or more each week – you will gain even more insights into the connection between what you say you want to accomplish and what you are actually accomplishing.


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