One Year From Today

The first step in living a life you love begins with truly knowing yourself. I don’t mean what is your favorite color or best friend’s name. Are you being transparent with yourself about your struggles, hang-ups and weaknesses? Do you deeply understand why you strive so hard to avoid conflict or have a longing to be needed?

There is an amazing freedom that comes from paying attention to the way you react, respond and go about your daily life. Rather than telling yourself to suck it up and be a grown-up, acknowledge the attitudes and environments that drain your joy of life. Take time to know yourself.

One thing that really helped me on this journey of self-reflection was journaling and tracking many of my own thoughts and feelings throughout the day. There is incredible confidence that comes from self-awareness. You begin to realize that you owe no one an explanation or excuse for being true to your own convictions.

Give yourself the gift of journaling as you begin to plan out your actions to build a life you love. Capture your thoughts and actions. Reflect and adjust your path as you go forward. Own your journey. One year from now, be ready to celebrate all you’ve accomplished.


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