Tips & Tricks for Tracking Your Money

Track Your Money and Reach Your Goals

First you need to set your goals. Decide what matters most to you and when you want to reach your target. Next, break down your goals into easy manageable steps. Identify daily/weekly/monthly action steps to keep you on track. Tracking your money should be as effortless as possible.

Do more by working towards multiple goals at the same time. Prioritize those goals that will have the greatest impact. As things come up it will make it easier to know what goal can be postponed or cut back. This will help you stick to your plans rather than giving up. Flexibility is key to success in tracking your money and reaching your goals.

Track Your Money Like a Boss

Keep your goals and tracking all in one place. Don’t waste valuable time chasing down dates and numbers. Pick a fun monthly planner – (Erin Condren is one of my favorites). Before each new month, use the month view to write down your recurring expenses. Use colored markers to make them pop off the page. Use different colors to represent different categories or purposes to make it easier to identify trends.

As you plan each day, take a glance at what expenses and income you have coming up. Strive to pay bills up to 10 days in advance. Add your daily spending as you go. What are you buying? How much and how are you paying for it? Keep a running balance to avoid overspending. Don’t forget to write down any automatic bills like Netflix or gym memberships.

Make it personal. Review each week and reflect on your financial behaviors and choices. Do they align with your goals? Take it one step further and add up your monthly subtotal for each category. Be sure to write down your action steps to reach your goals. Include transfers to your savings or investment account. Watch it grow! Learn to say “YES” to your priorities and “NO” or “NOT NOW” to everyone else’s priorities.

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Spend Wisely. Save Well. Find your Financial Zen.

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