Take Back Control of Your Finances

Claim Your Ground

Have you ever noticed how EVERY SINGLE financial site or app tries to sell you something? Check your credit score and “boom” – there are credit card recommendations just for you. Check the balance on your checking account and “bam” – you may qualify for a personal loan. The sales hounds never stop. It’s time to take back control of your finances.

Claim your personal space and eliminate the unwelcome intruders. Reduce the noise and clutter that only leads to more frustration. You get to choose who gets access to your time, energy and resources. Begin by turning off any notifications that have nothing to do with your personal financial management strategy. Unsubscribe from the emails that clutter your inbox.

Clear Your Mind

Trust in your ability to make good choices. Begin by reflecting on what brings you joy and satisfaction. Find small ways to incorporate those things into your life. For example, if you love the beach and live in the Midwest, add some seashells, whites and blues to your decor. Ask Alexa to play beach sounds for you as you wake up each morning.

Understand that a clear mind is the first step in being able to think clearly and make important decisions. Your mind needs “white space“. A clear mind will help you become more mindful. It helps you protect your personal space and financial wellbeing.

Get a Second Opinion

When you need professional financial advice always get two or three proposals or quotes. Know how they get paid and how they are incentivized. Demand transparency. Unfortunately, conflict of interest in financial services is a real thing. Remember first and foremost, they work for YOU. If you feel intimidated, influenced or coerced, it’s time to walk away.

That goes for friends and family as well. Just because they are in the industry does not mean that they put your interests and needs first. They are trying to make a living. Examine carefully the value and resources you would benefit from by working with a bank, lender, advisor, broker or financial coach.

Take back control of your finances today. Turn down the noise so you can focus on building a life you love!

Save Well. Spend Wisely. Find your Financial Zen.


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