Curate a Stress-less Holiday Season

Take a Few Steps Back from the Hustle

Are you feeling like you are drowning? Do you find it harder each day to bring your best self forward? To be honest, the past few weeks have been stifling. The joy and excitement of the season lasts for only a few moments before evaporating into thin air. It’s like a scene straight out of The Grinch. Let’s take a few tips from Cindy-Lou Who to curate a less stressful holiday season this year.

People First

Instead of spreading yourself thin, focus on a few important relationships this season. Consider the close friends or relatives that helped you the most during this challenging year, or even those that need you the most right now. Think about their interests, hobbies and needs. Curate a simple list of ways to let them know they are loved and treasured. A handwritten card, a phone call or even an email is more than enough to bring light and joy to others. Try to share a specific way they have impacted your life.

Purpose and Meeting Needs

Reflect on the message you want to convey as you carefully curate your gifts, cards and activities. Be clear about what is most important to you right now. Be kind and patient with yourself as emotions come and go. A year from now no one will remember the stuff, the dazzle or the trinkets. They will remember the kindness, generosity and care poured out from friends and relatives.

Although many are struggling with finances this holiday, don’t forget about other important needs such as social, emotional and mental wellbeing. Isolation can be just as painful as hunger. It can be so easy to spend too much time in our heads, being overly critical and exaggerate problems. Human connection is a powerful medicine. You don’t need to get dressed up for a video chat. Just show up. Let other’s talk without interruptions or recommendations. Give the gift of your (virtual) presence.

Priceless Memories

Think about your favorite memory of the holiday season or winter. Take time to go back through letters, photos, recipes, movies or music that are meaningful to you. Find a way to capture your memory to share with others. Your story, your memories are priceless. Curate moments to share with your important relationships that fit everyone’s budget and limitations. Leverage whatever technology you have access to for getting together virtually. Get creative, from pajama parties to board games to slideshows. Look for ways to celebrate friendships and kinship without the trimmings, ribbons and bows this year.

Find Your Holiday Zen

At the end of the day, only you can define and decide how you want to spend the last few weeks of the year. There are very few people that you truly need to include or consider as you make plans (other than partners, children and pets). Communicate to those close to you what you need and what would be meaningful to you this holiday season. Take full advantage of this time to step back, slow down and exhale.

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