Your Financial Profile

What is your personal financial statement?

There is incredible value in being self-aware. The more you know about yourself, the better you can optimize your resources to accomplish your goals. There are two parts that make up a personal financial statement. The first is your attitude towards money. You can take a financial personality quiz to learn more about your money management style. This can help you understand more about your financial habits and routines. The second part is your financial strength. You can take a financial health assessment to identify your areas of strength and areas of potential risks. Together, these two parts can empower you to improve your financial profile.

Your unique financial profile

Every person has their own financial profile. Your profile is based on proven benchmarks and time-tested ratios. It’s made up of different factors used to measure your financial resilience and potential for growth. This data is used by financial organizations to determine how well you manage resources. Each person stands on their own merit.

It can be confusing to think about your own financial profile if you share expenses with other people. Actually, most of the financial metrics used in national statistic reports are based on households, not individual consumers. Budgets are usually based on the total household income, rather than each individual. The danger there lies in the risk of overextending resources. In order to reduce financial stress, every expense should be evaluated on an individual basis.

The strength of your financial health is up to you. You get to choose the quality of nutrition, exercise and activities to stay physically fit. In the same way, you get to choose to live within your means and reduce financial stress and anxiety. If you become overly dependent on another person’s income or resources to survive, then you may find it challenging to have financial independence.

Join the Financial Zen Community

We believe that life doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Every day we face internal and external circumstances that impact our financial health. That’s where community can make a difference. When we normalize financial struggles and questions by sharing our journey with others, together we become stronger and more resilient. We recently launched The Financial Zen Community group on Facebook. We would love for you to be a part of this closed group! Just send us a message to receive an invitation to join.

If you are looking for additional resources, follow the Financial Zen Academy. Our first course is an introduction to Financial Wellness. Check out Financial Wellness 101 – The Ultimate Financial Handbook for Young Professionals. We also offer 1:1 Financial Coaching to help you create a clear roadmap to improve financial wellness.

Our goal is to provide critical insights to your financial profile and help improve your financial health.


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