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Know Your Worth

When’s the last time you appreciated the value you add to the world? Your existence has already made an impact and has the potential for so much more. If you have allowed other’s to define your worth or limit your growth, it might be time to make a change. First, you must take time to reflect on your strengths, what you want to accomplish and why.

From an early age you were creating and adding value to those around you. Think about the activities and experiences that you enjoyed the most. In our youth, we tend to focus on doing those things that get positive feedback and reinforcement. We end up doing things because it’s important for other’s, not necessarily for us. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. An important part of growth is taking time to find your voice.

What is your unique SPICE?

One of the first exercises we have our clients work through is to define their unique SPICE: Skills, Priorities, Interests, Community and Experiences. This exercise helps to clarify both strengths and value of each individual, since every person has different responses. Your energy, time and resources should be aligned with building a life where you thrive and feel fulfilled. You need to know yourself in order to create a roadmap for your life.

It makes a significant difference in your outlook when you are living from your strengths, rather than focusing on what you lack. Take stock of the value you bring to your friends, neighborhood and community. Every creative thought, every thing you make and everything you do has inherent value. People need your contributions and perspective.

Take control of the wheel

You have the final word when it comes to making daily decisions about how and where to invest your limited time and resources. Rather than being pulled in different directions by other people’s priorities and demands, take control of those choices that only you can make. Begin to say “no” and “not now”. Block time to pursue your own interests and experiences. Invest in your ideas and personal growth. Be busy building a life you love, not one that fits someone else’s agenda.

Your finances will follow your heart and focus. When you are unhappy and unfulfilled, there’s a tendency to spend resources on short-term fixes to fill the void. That’s why so many diet and budgeting fads don’t last. Until you deal with the underlying cause of the disconnect, it will be really challenging to make a lasting change. Take the time to know yourself and what really makes you feel alive. Begin to make more space for that in your life.

This is your one life. Contribute your unique SPICE and value to your world. Align your financial decisions with your heart and focus.

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