Give Yourself the Gift of Time

A Time to Grow

There is something really powerful about taking the time to invest in yourself. Once you give yourself permission to dream, track and measure your progress on a consistent basis, your actions and intentions become aligned. Momentum builds and focus increases. Your energy improves as you begin to experience wins.

In our newly released course, Financial Wellness 101, we provide several tools to help you execute your vision and build healthy financial habits. These financial tools provide a framework to guide you in the right direction. As you begin to incorporate them into your daily routines, your confidence will grow. Learn to flow through the decision-making cycle, adjusting and improving your routines as needed.

What is Your Unique SPICE?

Discover your Unique S.P.I.C.E. –  begin with this Personal Inventory to clearly identify your values, priorities and interests. Let this be your guide to focus on the most critical things in your life right now.

  1. SKILLS – This includes every type of activity you have some level of competence in doing. Your skills may include creating spreadsheets, basket weaving, doing research, gardening, vehicle repairs or speaking another language. Your unique combination of skills may highlight potential opportunities you’ve never considered. 
  2. PRIORITIES – This goes a bit deeper. Think about where you are at this point in your life. What is the most critical action for you to focus your time, energy and resources? This month? This quarter? This year? 
  3. INTERESTS – This is really important. It’s not just about what you are competent at, rather it’s about what you really enjoy doing or want to be doing. Your list should include the people/places/things that you want as a part of your life. What would you like to explore, learn, discover, create? 
  4. COMMUNITY – People matter. They inspire us and conspire against us. They encourage and challenge us, as well as discourage and hinder our progress. We learn from past relationships, invest in those who matter most to us and seek out new connections along our journey. Who would you like to include in your story? 
  5. EXPERIENCES – Think about those events and memories that had the greatest impact on becoming who you are today. What life defining moments provided clarity and direction for you?

First things first!

Choose 3 -5 of your top PRIORITIES to focus on first. Use our Life Priorities sheet to map out what you want to accomplish. Review and revise your goals every few months.

My Key Roles – as you think about your best self, living out your priorities and interests, what roles/words represent each one?

  1. Define each Priority as clearly as possible.
  2. Choose the metrics and benchmarks you will use to measure your progress
  3. Create one small action you can take to jump-start your action plan
  4. Identify one strong ally to encourage you and help you stay accountable along your journey
  5. Set a clear start date and end date

Track your financial metrics relentlessly!

Know the numbers that matter most in building a strong financial foundation.

Build your credit strength – increase ownership of assets and reduce dependence on others.

Not sure what to focus on first? Take our free Financial Health Assessment to uncover potential weak spots and download your results with clear action steps to improve your long term financial health.

Give yourself the gift of time to define your vision. Keep dreaming and tracking your daily financial activity. If you are looking for a helpful guide, check out our online workbook, Financial Wellness 101.

Our financial handbook for recent graduates and young professionals – Financial Wellness 101 includes:

  • Online self-paced course
  • Develop healthy financial habits
  • Learn how to stay grounded even in the midst of challenges and disruptions
  • Understand the financial metrics that matter the most
  • Craft a life-vision to help guide daily financial decisions
  • Build a solid financial foundation
  • Unlimited access to the course and materials

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