Finding Your Financial Balance

There are no straight lines

Can we be real for a moment? More than 43% of college graduates work in fields unrelated to their major. It can take three to six months to even land a solid entry-level opportunity. In life, as in school, planning ahead and creating a clear roadmap can mean the difference between merely surviving or thriving.

As humans, our default is to become hyper-focused on the task at hand. This helps us concentrate our limited energy and time on accomplishing specific projects. It can also blindside us and create havoc in other areas of our life. Finding a balance between planning and executing can be a challenge. The earlier you learn how to navigate and prioritize tasks, the sooner you can truly build a life you love.

Build healthy habits early and often

Developing a solid financial foundation requires a similar balance. It’s a process that requires one-part self-analysis, one-part planning and one-part continuous improvement.  That’s why we’ve invested hours of research and development to create Financial Wellness 101: The Ultimate Financial Handbook for Young Professionals

This resource is the result of years of teaching, coaching and counseling clients on building healthy financial habits. Financial health is so much more than a credit score. Financial health is about developing your own personal strategy in balancing your time, skills and resources in such a way to accomplish what matters most to you.

Find your financial balance

Our financial handbook for recent graduates and young professionals – Financial Wellness 101 offers:

  • Online self-paced course
  • Develop healthy financial habits
  • Learn how to stay grounded even in the midst of challenges and disruptions
  • Understand the financial metrics that matter the most
  • Craft a life-vision to help guide daily financial decisions
  • Build a solid financial foundation – Manage, Protect, Borrow, Grow and Give
  • Unlimited access to the course and materials

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