Financial Wellness Masterclass

What does Financial Wellness mean?

Imagine living in such a way that your personal values and priorities are being fully realized and you’re optimizing every resource available to care for your present and future needs. What would that look like for you? Financial fitness comes with practice. It involves building healthy habits to significantly reduce financial anxiety and stress.

Diana Morris, the Founder and Chief Financial Coach at My Financial Zen, recently had the privilege of presenting a Financial Wellness Masterclass on the Whole Temple Podcast. Here’s a sneak peak of the financial wellness gems she dropped during the podcast:

When’s the best time to work with a Financial Coach?

It’s easy to find excuses about not having the time or money to work with a coach. Investing time and energy in self-improvement comes at a cost and change happens gradually.

Are you ready to build confidence in defining your financial wellbeing?

Are you ready to let go of fear, shame or frustration about your current circumstances?

What do you really want to be, do and experience?

A Financial Coach can bring clarity and guidance on where to focus first.

What’s your Financial Health Score?

The best way to start improving your financial health is to identify what you are doing well and what areas need work. Once you have that information you can begin mapping out where to focus first. We have created a free quick assessment to help you.

  • Identify financial strengths
  • Uncover potential financial risks
  • Download your results
  • Get specific feedback on actions you can take right away
  • Receive a free 15-minute Discovery Call

Be sure to listen to the entire podcast at The Whole Temple Podcast, Financial Wellness Masterclass with Diana Morris.


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