Let’s Eliminate Financial Stress

Financial stress drains so much energy, motivation and joy from everyday life. It steals precious hours or even days. In order to eliminate financial stress, it’s important to understand where it comes from.

The top five reasons most people experience financial stress are:

  • running out of money
  • taking on too much debt
  • not having enough in savings
  • a lack of consistent income
  • driven by a fear of missing out (FOMO).

What is the biggest financial stressor in your life? If you could change one thing in your personal finances (besides winning the lottery), what would that be?

Purpose-Driven Finances

All most people really want is the freedom to pursue their dreams. Dreams and aspirations are what motivate us and keep pushing us forward in spite of challenges along the way. Most folks want to make a positive contribution and to feel like their life serves a purpose.

When our money habits don’t align with our dreams, it creates friction and frustration. Until you decide what you want out of this one beautiful life, it will be difficult to create a purpose-driven financial roadmap. That’s why the first step in building financial wellbeing is to define your goals and dreams.

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A Clear Financial Roadmap

It’s easy to get so caught up in surviving from day to day and lose sight of our dreams. It takes an intentional effort to create clear steps to accomplish what matters most. A financial roadmap can provide guidance and begin to eliminate financial stress. Your financial roadmap needs to have some flexibility to handle unexpected changes, as well as clear priorities and benchmarks.

Let’s get started!

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