Let’s Get Financially Fit
financial fitness

Financial fitness requires a commitment and belief that you are capable of managing your money well. It means that you are willing to learn and take control of your financial health. Only you can choose how to prepare and adapt to each challenge that comes your way. Every difficult financial situation you experience offers the potential for growth when you lean into it.

One of the keys to staying financially fit is staying alert and aware of the world around you. This can help you learn to identify signals in the marketplace – when to make changes or where there might be new opportunities. Both preparation and knowledge are powerful ways to thrive even during financial uncertainty.

Financial Fitness Checklist:

  • Kick off each day with a clear financial objective – what will you learn, save, invest or gift today?
  • Know your numbers – how much spendable cash do you have, what bills are coming up, how is your progress towards your goals?
  • Remind yourself of your “why” – what are your working towards?
  • Gear up for success – know your financial weaknesses and plan ahead – carry a snack, water, coupons, umbrella and toiletries.
  • Track your cash-flow every day
  • Track your credit utilization – strive to keep any revolving debt below 30% of total credit limits
  • Pay attention to changing interest rates – low rates signal it’s time to evaluate refinancing or making a planned purchase (home/car) and higher rates signal it’s time to eliminate balances on revolving debt (credit cards/lines of credit)
  • Keep your documents in a safe place that you can access quickly when you need them (passport, social security card, mortgage/loan papers, financial reports)
  • Sharpen your tools – stay current on changes in your field, take a course, keep your resume up to date (LinkedIn), know what skills are in high demand
  • Build community – invest in your social capital – people and resources that can help you become the best version of yourself

Build Your Financial Muscles

Do you want to be able to take your friends out for dinner? Maybe you would love to take a trip this summer to reconnect with loved ones. We want to help!

Our 6-week Financial Zen Masterclass was created specifically to help kick-start your journey to financial health. Limited to 10 participants at a time, each 1-hour weekly video session is packed with strategic information and practical assignments. Save your spot today. The next Masterclass begins on April 7th.

We provide positive, practical guidance to improve financial wellness. Let us know how we can help you build financial flexibility at coach@myfinzen.com.

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