Find the Right Balance

Life can seem full of contradictions. The most beautiful landscapes can be found in the midst of huge boulders or deserts. Delicate flowers can be found growing in the cracks of a sidewalk. The kindest people can be those that come from the most challenging circumstances. There is an art to learning how to thrive even in difficult times.

Financial health and resilience comes from finding the right balance. It’s about knowing your own limitations, identifying your needs and making sure you have room to grow. If you exceed your limitations or ignore your needs, you’ll quickly begin to feel frustration or anxiety. When you don’t allow yourself space and opportunities to grow , over time you’ll feel stifled or bored. Feelings like that can lead to mindless spending. Here are some good benchmarks to help you find the right balance.

Keeping the odds in your favor

Pause and assess your current financial situation. Identify what assets and resources you have to work with. A financial checkup helps you determine what needs attention. Be as clear and concise as possible about the things that are blocking your path, so you can begin to address them.

  • Build a history of positive payments – at least 12 months
  • Create a positive credit history on 2 types of credit accounts – at least 24 months
  • Keep a positive record of 5 years or more with no negative items such as late pays, repossessions or defaults
  • Use less than 30% of your available credit lines
  • Make sure your monthly debt payments remain below 40% of your gross income
  • Avoid committing more than 30% of your gross income on housing/utilities

Take time to plan on improving your credit strength. Decide what actions you can take to put yourself in the best situation possible. Good credit isn’t about how much you make, it’s about how you manage the money you make.

Make small changes for bigger impacts

Financial health is like physical health in many ways. Drastic radical changes can cause more damage than good, and are usually unsustainable. Make smaller changes. Track the impact it has on your financial health. Adjust as needed. Make sure that the changes you make help move you closer to your dreams and aspirations. Align your financial decisions with your values.

  • Learn to pace your spending by planning in advance – for trips, gifts, big items
  • Know how to recognize when to double up on saving and when to seize an opportunity
  • Give yourself a safety net, an exit strategy, an emergency escape
  • Do something for yourself and your financial health every day

Be the best version of yourself today, whether you are surrounded by concrete or up to your knees in mud. You alone hold the power to define where to spend your time, energy and money. Look beyond your current circumstances and take one step at a time in the direction of your dreams.

Let us help you find your balance

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